Mi Casa es La Casa de Un Super Estrella

Hey everyone, meet Thomas! When I mentioned to him a few weeks ago that I needed to find a place to live after my homestay ended, he invited me to crash with him for my final few weeks in Buenos Aires. In addition to being one of the fucking nicest guys I’ve ever met, Thomas is an ultra bad-ass superstar DJ who gets paid to fly all over the world, rock giant parties, bang super hot fans, and do remixes for Maroon 5 and shit (check it out!). But that’s just a side gig since, like I said before, his primary occupation is being the nicest fucking dude ever and a welcome change from the shitty shrew I lived with before. Thomas has lived in Buenos Aires for the last two years since he is more popular here than in the US, so it’s easier for him to make money and tour, but he moves back to the States at the end of July so he’s been selling off his furniture. So right now, we are two dudes living in a loft – Thomas on the main floor, me upstairs – with two beds, a TV on the floor, this desk, and an awesome bulldog named Mackey. This is my bed. I paid 150 pesos ($40-ish) for it.

Pretty pimp, right? Despite the fact that we’re sharing somewhat cramped quarters, living with Thomas is awesome. He speaks no Spanish… well, okay, he speaks some Spanish but it’s really just a couple of words, like “chicos” and “dinero,” thrown in for flavor. But I get to talk in English without feeling guilty about how I should be practicing Spanish, so that’s nice. And Thomas is a self-admitted TV junkie – he has it on in the background while he makes sick house music on his laptop all day- so every night at 7 p.m. we watch two episodes of Seinfeld which rules. It might sound stupid to be excited about watching American TV when I should be out doing awesome shit in Buenos Aires, but fuck you, I do awesome shit all the time here and I need time to relax. Plus Seinfeld is amazing and I can pretty much watch it forever without getting tired of it.

As awesome asSeinfeldis however, the best thing about Thomas’ loft is its location. We live right above Plaza Serrano, which is a super cool hip part of town with a million bars and restaurants and every weekend there is a fair that sells mate gourds and jewelry and stuff. It’s only a few blocks to walk to my internship and we’re close to a really cheap, good Chinese food restaurant that delivers. Also this place called La Fabrica Del Tacos (Taco Factory) which is delicious and actually has hot sauce which is pretty much unheard of in Buenos Aires. This view is from our terrace where I would totally hang out all the time if there was patio furniture and it wasn’t, you know, winter. So although my bed is uncomfortable and it’s basically lights out by midnight since Thomas keeps old man hours (aka not staying up till 6 a.m. and sleeping in past noon like yours truly), this living situation is a million times better than my old one and I’m really glad that I lucked into it, because the two places I checked out on Craigslist were expensive rooms in gross flophouses.

Also, Thomas will probably be playing a show in Austin in August when he drives from Miami to Las Vegas, where he’s moving, so if anyone wants to go rock out to electronic music, get at me.


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