¿Estas listo por Poncho?

On Sunday, Coca-Cola threw some big free concert in the middle of downtown Buenos Aires for reasons I didn’t understand. Probably to sell more Coke. Anyways, my Argentine friend Nico told me about it because Banda De Turistas was playing and we’d met outside of their concert so obviously I liked them. I met Nico, his girlfriend Sol, and his 15-year-old brother who loves Morrissey downtown and then we watched Banda De Turistas, who are awesome but I don’t need to describe them because I already have. After Banda De Turistas was some group called Poncho, which at first I heard as “pancho” which is how they say hotdog down here. But no, the group wasn’t called Hotdog, they were called Poncho and they actually wore ponchos while they played. Nico had described them to me as “buenismo!!!” which means “super good” and is a word Nico likes to use a lot. However, I assumed they would be another rock group like Banda De Turistas until I saw them set up a whole mess of laptops and Nico told me they were an electronic group. Hmmm… interesting.

Damn, I was not expecting to have my ass rocked so hard on a Sunday afternoon at a Coke sponsored free concert. Poncho were more than “buenismo,” they were… super fucking “buenismo!” I almost want to call them the Argentine Daft Punk though they’re probably a bit more similar to Chromeo, though I’d actually say they’re superior (Chromeo is kind of annoying). It would have been amazing to see them play in a dark club filled with sexy Argentine techno-hipster babes having a crazy dance party instead of during the day at a corporate concert where people have their kids on their shoulders. I could post another lame photo of tiny human beings on a faraway stage, but that would be lame so here’s another Poncho video, featuring Banda De Turistas!

After Poncho finished, Nico informed me that the next two bands were, as he put it, “malismo,” which is the opposite of “buenismo,” and after watching one song I agreed so we bounced to get coffee. I can’t remember the name of the dude that played after Poncho, but it was sort of like Billy Joel (except shittier because I really like Billy Joel) and was definitely what the people with kids on their shoulders were there to see. Argentina has this thing called “rock nacional” which is more or less the equivalent of the music they play in the States on radio stations with names like 102.4 The Eagle (every city always has a gay bar or a classic rock station named the Eagle. Why is that?).  I haven’t had too much experience with “rock nacional,” but I get the impression that Argentine dads sing along to it in the car when it comes on the radio and their kids are like, “Ugh, papa, porque!?”

For coffee, we went to McDonald’s which was actually the second day in a row Nico and I went to McDonald’s. Not because Nico loves Mickey Ds, but because there aren’t a lot of good cafes downtown and McDonald’s is cheap and actually has a shitload of coffee and dessert options down here. The menu is pretty much the same as it is in America, no crazy Argentine options, but I saw this Chicken-Bacon-Onion concoction which looked tasty so I will probably sneak back to McDonald’s by myself one of these days when I don’t feel like eating shitty pizza, empanadas, or plain meat and shamefully eat one by myself. Fuck you, don’t judge me.


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